Dog Days of Summer: Ocean City, MD

Nugget and I have had a lot of fun taking mini road trips to the beach together. I am lucky enough to have a family home to stay in right outside of Ocean City, so bringing my pup along for vacation is easy. I have been able to find some really fun, dog-friendly spots to hang out if you are vacationing on the eastern shore.

1) Assateague Island: Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the Ocean City beach or boardwalk during the summer season. Thank God for Assateague Island! Dogs are welcome here which makes beach days a lot more fun. There is an entrance fee, but I always just get an annual pass for $40. It’s well worth it. Nugget and I have spent many summer days enjoying the various activities the island has to offer. If it’s a particularly hot day, I like to throw on Nugget’s life jacket and take him to the bay side of the island to swim. The bay is perfect for us because the water is very calm and shallow, but still a perfect place to cool off on a hot day. We swim together, and Nugget chases his tennis ball in the water. The area is also equipped with grills, bathrooms, and kayak/SUP rentals. Additionally, the beach area is lined with trees which many people use to hang hammocks on.  

There are also various short hiking trails throughout the island. This is a great opportunity to do some sightseeing and let Nugget expel some energy. Nugget and I have been hiking, running, and biking together on the island and we always come back tired and content.  

2) Ayer’s Creek: I’m a huge fan of kayaking, and I frequented Ayer’s Creek even before I had Nugget. They have very affordable kayak and SUP rentals, and dogs are welcome! I took Nugget along on our most recent excursion, and it was a blast. Nugget took a bit to get adjusted to the kayak, but he did great. I can’t wait to try it again.

3) Burley Oak Brewing Company: Beer and dogs are two of my favorite things so obviously Burley Oak made my list. Burley Oak is located in Berlin, and you can enjoy some unique craft beers with your dog by your side. I usually take my dog in the early afternoon because the building is small and can get crowded later in the evening. It’s my go-to spot if we are stuck inside because of a rainy beach day. 

4) Berlin in general is a great place to take your dog when they have events. There are often events on the weekends that take place right on the main street, and some stores even put water and dog treats on the sidewalk for the dogs to enjoy. Berlin also has Stephen Decatur Park which has a track to run on, tennis courts, pavilion, grills, and a playground. Nugget and I often go there to run or relax. 

5) Although dogs are not allowed on the boardwalk during the summer, there technically is an area they are allowed. At the very beginning of the boardwalk on the inlet side is the Inlet Village which is a paved area with stores and restaurants. There is a pretty large dog boutique in there that has dog and beach themed treats, accessories, and souvenirs. It’s really awesome, and they have a lot of unique things. I really liked that they had a large variety of breed-oriented accessories. I can never find anything that is for Puggles, and this store has a lot! Additionally, there is a little restaurant that overlooks the water called the Frog Bar. It has cheap, good food, and you can bring your dog to sit on the deck. 

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any quality places to put Nugget in daycare in the Ocean City area. I have tried a couple of dog facilities in the area when I wanted to let Nugget play while I had visitors in town, and they were very unprofessional and careless with the care of my dog. I would only use them in a real pinch in the future. 
Thankfully, Nugget and I have overall had great experiences on the eastern shore. Are there any other places you can add to the list?  


Nugget, CGC

Nugget and I arrived to take our CGC test on June 5th. I was very nervous, but excited to get it over with! It was more challenging than expected due to unforeseen obstacles. 

Right when we were about to start the test, a little child walked by squeezing a squeaky toy that sounded like a duck. Nugget had never heard that noise before and obviously became distracted and eager to find the toy. Luckily, this was before the test began so I was able to give him a moment to calm down and redirect him.  

Later in the test, we turned a corner and there was dog food spilled all over the floor! It was a major distraction, but the trainer quickly led us over the area into a clearing for us to continue our testing. 

Overall, Nugget did great, and he passed his test. Nugget now is officially “Nugget, CGC”. I am very proud of him and cannot wait to frame his certificate.

Spring in Baltimore

Now that the weather is beautiful, Nugget and I have been trying to find some good springtime activities to do together. I have been doing research about dog friendly activities in the Baltimore area. Some of these places I have visited, and the rest I plan on visiting this spring! Let me know if you have any other great ideas. 

1) Have a picnic on Federal Hill. Sit on top of Federal Hill for a great view of the city with your pup! I have been to Federal Hill many times for different activities including sledding and strolling. For a relaxing, cheap afternoon you can pack some food from home and take in the view with your best friend.

Our view from Federal Hill

2) Smell the flowers at Cylburn Arboretum. This is a beautiful city park with tons of walking trails and gardens to explore. It’s very dog friendly, and they even have dog posts with doggie poo bags provided. This is a great place to have a picnic, hike, or view some beautiful spring flowers.

Nugget smiling for the camera

3) Relax on the patio of Belvedere Square. Sip on some wine or eat some delicious food on the patio! This an indoor marketplace with a lot of different delicious options. You can have a sandwich, ramen, smoothie, or dessert in addition to so much more! If you’re looking for some drinks, there are plenty of options including wine, sake, and beer. With ample outdoor seating, this is an awesome place to chill with your dog on a warm spring evening. 

Enjoying a glass of wine at Belvedere Square

Patio at Belvedere Square

4) Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre. We have not done this one yet, but I definitely want to enjoy a drive-in movie with my pup. Make sure to follow the rules listed on the website to keep the experience enjoyable for everyone there.

5) Take a boat ride with Cruises on the Bay. Departing from both Baltimore and Annapolis, Cruises on the Bay allows friendly, leashed dogs for free! I cannot wait to try this one out!

6) Check out a local brewery that allows dogs. A lot of the breweries that do not serve food allow dogs to join you for a beer. I know there are several around, but one I have been wanting to check out is Diamonback Brewing Company in McHenry Row. 

I’m very excited that the weather is warm, and Nugget can join me on more activities. Do you have any cool ideas to add to the list?