Doggy Bucket List

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from training and do some fun activities with your dog. It strengthens the bond with your dog and takes the pressure off training. I’ve been thinking about all of the fun things I want to do with Nugget, so I decided to make a “Doggy Bucket List”. This is what I have so far:

1) Run a dog friendly 5K. I really enjoy running, and I’ve done a ton of various runs. I have never done a race with my dog though! Nugget and I go running together a lot, so I would love to bring him along with me for a race. I will be on the look out for any future doggy races. 

2) Hike on the Appalachian Trail. I love this trail, and I have hiked on all different parts of it in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. It’s time to take Nugget along to check it out! He loves hiking with me, and I’m sure this trail will be an adventure for him.

3) Kayak. Kayaking is one of my absolute favorite activities. I travel to the beach a lot in the summer, and there is a dog-friendly place nearby to rent a kayak. I can’t want to get Nuggy a life-vest and take him out to sea. 😉 

4) Paddleboard. This is another fun one to try while at the beach. It’s a lot easier to fall into the water on a paddleboard as opposed to a kayak, so I will see how Nugget feels on the kayak first.

5) Bake dog treats at home. I have found so many doggy treat recipes on Pinterest! I plan on baking some yummy home-made treats and snuggling up with Nugget for a movie night.

6) Wear matching Halloween costumes. Yes, I am totally that person. I have never been able to convince a boyfriend to do a couple costume with me, so Nugget gets to be the one to match me! 

7) Beach day. The beach is my favorite place in the whole world. I plan on taking Nugget on a lot of beach trips. It will be so fun to see him play and dig in the sand and frolic in the waves. I’m sure he will LOVE it.

8) Road trip. I would love to do a mini road trip somewhere and stop at a bunch of places to explore. My best friend just moved to North Carolina, so it would be great to travel to see her and stop for hikes along the way! 

9) Camping. I’m not sure what Nugget would think of camping, but I’d love to try it. I’m sure he would love to be out in nature, but he may be too stimulated by all of the noises at night to relax. I guess the only way to find out is to go for it!

10) Swimming. I think Nugget is still getting used to the idea of swimming. He has slowly become more comfortable wading in streams, but initially he did not want to go in at all. I’m obviously not going to force him to do anything he does not want to, but I think he will love it once the hot days of summer roll around! He has a lake at his dog park, so hopefully he will enjoy a quick dip with his doggy pals.

11) Photoshoot. I’m going to have someone take professional pictures of me and Nugget outdoors. I really don’t have many pictures of us together, and the ones I do have are “selfies” from an awkward angle or using a timer. Nugget is my family, so we need family photos 🙂

12) Get a tattoo. (sorry mom) I have 7 tattoos now, and I plan on adding a tattoo in honor of Nugget. If the tattoo idea doesn’t work, a t-shirt or a piece of jewelry to honor Nugget could work too!

I’m sure we will experience many adventures together, but this list is a good starting place for us! Now we are so ready for summer.