The Wonderful World of Dog Accessories 

One of the really fun parts about owning a small, cute dog is the accessories you can buy! Although I think a lot of the accessories are really cute, they also serve a purpose in bettering my dogs quality of life.  

1) Winter Coats. Thankfully, we had a very mild winter. However, when we had some days below twenty degrees, Nugget was not happy. After a brief walk outside, he would start whining and shivering. I invested in several warm coats for him that seem to help a lot! They have a fleecy lining inside and a waterproof exterior that is good for snowy and rainy weather. 

2) Winter Boots. When Nugget had to endure icy or snowy weather, he would not last long before he was jumping up for me to hold him. His little paws started to hurt on the freezing, wet ground. I invested in a pair of boots that only cost about $10. They are easy to slip on and Velcro into place, and they have little pads on the bottom to keep him from slipping. It was definitely a smart purchase for us and allowed Nugget to happily play in the snow.

3) Dog Hat. Okay, this one is more for my amusement, but I did purchase a little winter hat for Nugget. It slips on his head with elastic under his chin and even has openings for his ears to poke through. I usually do not keep it on him long because he tends to take it off himself, but it is very cute!

4) Doggles. Dog goggles. Nugget loves to stick his head out of the car window for the entire car ride. It’s adorable, and he is always so excited to be in the car. However, I always worry about his little bulging eyes getting injured from flying debris. I purchased a pair of dog goggles on Amazon! They easily fit on his head and protect him from any debris. They also provide UV protection. 

5) Bandana. This is an accessory that is solely for fashion purposes, but it has been fun to try out different bandanas. I have even created a couple of my own bandanas for Nugget to model! I plan on making more in the future. Let me know if you want to try one out!

6) Pajamas. Okay, this is definitely not Nugget’s favorite thing in the world, but the five minutes of fun we have together in pajamas are totally worth it. Local Baltimore store, Dogma, carries a lot of various dog outfits including all sorts of pajamas. It is so much fun to look through their selection!

7) Shirts/Sweaters. Shirts and sweaters are an easy way to make a fun statement with your dog. So many shirts have cute sayings or pictures on them! Additionally, my mother knitted a sweater for Nugget that buttons underneath him. It’s very easy to put on and it’s lighter than a winter coat.

These are some of the accessories that I have tried so far. Have you tried any of these with your dogs? Have you tried anything different that was helpful?