Hitting the Baltimore Trails

In between my busy schedule and Nugget’s training sessions, I try to get out and do some hiking around the Baltimore area. One of my favorite nearby parks is Lake Roland. Dogs are very welcome here, and in fact, the place is swarming with dogs! The park is tucked right outside the Baltimore City limits and located off Falls Road. After driving down a long, wooded road you end up in a large parking lot overlooking a lake and dam. There are trails for all levels including a long paved pathway, a boardwalk, and a handful of trails through the woods. The paved pathway makes a circle throughout the park and passes by a playground, picnic pavilions, and Paw Point Dog Park. The boardwalk extends about a half mile and leads to the light rail. The wooded trails range from easy walking trails to difficult terrain. While none of the trails are over 2 miles in length, they certainly provide a good day of hiking. One cool feature is art on the trails! Various local artists create pieces in nature.  And of course, there is a lake where you can canoe, kayak, paddle board, and fish. So many activities available!

Nugget checking out the boardwalk

Art on the trail

Paw Point Dog Park is a members only dog park, but it’s fairly easy to become a member. I find it to be well worth the money. It is a large, fenced-in play area with a roped off lake area for the dogs to swim. Nugget absolutely loves it!


For hiking and running with Nugget, I’ve starting using a hands-free leash by Ruffwear. It makes active life a lot smoother when your hands are free, and your body can move more easily. It clips around my waist and even has a place I can hook my keys and doggy bags on. It really did not take Nugget long to adjust to running with the new leash. I was afraid he would be out of my control without having my hands to reign him in, but he seemed to naturally stay by my side.

Nugget’s first trial of the new leash!

An easy to use water bottle for Nugget has also been essential. I bought this water bottle with a built-in bowl so I can easily stop and pour water when needed.

Lastly, I use this small Egogo backpack that is super lightweight and has a lot of pockets to throw in a water bottle/snack for myself, dog treats, and whatever else I may need while out and about.

Sometimes I bring along my hammock so I can set up a comfortable seat if Nugget and I find a good spot to relax. This hammock is incredibly easy to set up and use. It’s lightweight and compact which makes for easy traveling.

Nugget and I plan on visiting a lot more parks and hiking trails as the weather keeps getting warmer! I will review our hikes as we explore! 🏞🐕


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