Home Sweet Home: 5 Ways I Helped My Dog Calm Down in His New Home

Over the winter I introduced several aids to help Nugget comfortably adjust to his new home. There were a lot of new smells, sights, and sounds for him to take in, and he was constantly stimulated. I decided to find various avenues to help him relax.

1) The first product I added to our home was a Comfort Zone Diffuser plug-in for the living room. It contains DAP (dog appeasing pheromones) which helps calm dogs and curb maladaptive behaviors associated with the new transition.

2) The second product I bought for Nugget was a Thunder Shirt. I can’t rave enough about this shirt! It worked so well for him. The shirt snugly wraps around the dog and uses pressure to help relieve anxiety. About a minute after putting the shirt on, he went straight to his bed and fell asleep. Every time I put it on him, he became visibly more relaxed. Love, love, love this shirt.

Nugget peacefully sleeping in his Thundershirt

3) Chewing helped Nugget release excess energy and settle down. Nylabones worked really well for us the first couple of months. There were all different types of bones so it made it easy for me to switch it up if Nugget got bored with a specific type or flavor.

4. One thing that I incorporated a little later in his transition was Wells & Good Calming Chews. These are flavored treats that contain ingredients that help calm dogs. Just give them half or a whole one (depending on the size of the dog) about thirty minutes before a stressful event such as a vet visit or car trip.

5. Petco has an awesome FREE socialization hour every week for puppies! It’s a supervised play time where dogs can learn to interact all while getting out a lot of pent up energy. The adage “A tired dog is a good dog” is definitely true. 🐶💤

Nugget’s first puppy play time

These were all so helpful in adjusting to our new life together, and pretty soon Nugget didn’t need any help to relax.


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